Just a few weeks ago, on the evening of August 24th, my life changed forever. As you already know, my new book – The Burnout Gamble: Achieve More by Beating Burnout and Building Resilience – was published. Friends, family, and colleagues congregated at The Gladstone Hotel to celebrate this milestone. That night, the book became an Amazon bestseller in a number of categories (even reaching Top 10 in a few of them). Though I may been born too late to experience interstellar travel, the experience of finally releasing this project into the world is probably closest thing I’ll ever come to stepping inside a wormhole; overnight, I was whisked into a loop of endless interviews, speaking, touring, media, and publicity.
While my head is still spinning, there’s one thing that has kept my feet firmly grounded – you. My inboxes are filled with words of encouragement from readers around the world. Some were moved to tears by the book, others have written blog posts inspired by it – some have made it a part of their professional development, others have read it leisurely while on vacation. A book without readers is but words on paper. You are the ones who have brought The Burnout Gamble to life. You are the ones who are encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to read it. You are the ones who are giving me the inspiration and energy to promote it to anyone who who is burning bright or burning out.
Thank you for everything. I promise you, we’re just getting started.
PS. Please continue tagging me and/or #TheBurnoutGamble on social media with pictures and excerpts from the book, I’m sharing them over on my Facebook page.