The Burnout Gamble is officially in production. A few days ago, I submitted the print-ready files to my publisher.
Since then, my feelings have been oscillating between hope and worry – hope that you’ll find the book to be an enjoyable, valuable read; worry that you’ll find the book to be an arduous, underwhelming read. When my mind wanders to the former state, I’m elated.
Energetically, I work with my team on planning the launch party and related promotional activities. But when doubt creeps in – when my mind wanders to the latter state – I become obsessive. Frenetically, I comb through the manuscript and try to find mistakes while pestering my printer. It goes without saying that being in a state of hope is conducive to where I’m at in the production cycle. Worrying at this stage, is counterproductive.
Oftentimes, we find ourselves in situations that require momentum. But we paralyze our process by creating opposing mind-states. Hope and worry are two such states that when activated simultaneously, tend to negate momentum. The key to breaking out of these ruts is to select one mind-state, and lean into it. Hope lends itself well to persistence, while worry lends itself well to preparation.
When it comes to shipping work, whatever that might be – a book, a blog, a song, a report, etc. – you will inevitably find yourself stalled. In those moments, run a simple diagnostic on yourself identify if you’re hoping or worrying. If you’re doing both, don’t.
Choose one, and move.